– Wojciech Bodos


We specialize in truck transport and shipping.
We deliver full range of services concerning both
logistics and company management.

We offer professional services and support our clients in logistics since 2006.


We have managed to achieve our unquestionably stable position, thanks to detailed realization of clients individual needs with extra care about punctuality and delivery safeness.


Continuous growth and long-term cooperation would not be able without You.


We would like to thank all of You, for your trust!

International transport / combined transport / door-to-door delivery.


Nowadays we all face energy price growth, environmental condition changes, what directly affects the evolution of global transport. Our company keeps up with all the worldwide movements.  We introduce intermodal transportation, combination of truck and rail shipping solutions to our clients with use of reloading terminal in Dorohusk.


In such way wheat and edible oil are being imported from East into Poland and Europe, and in the other direction f.e. gas and construction materials ar being sent.


All the above gives our clients much more possibilities at best pirce:


  • access to „wide track” rail leading into the East forwarding China
  • access to European track
  • quicker and much more fluent border passing
  • cheaper shipping on long distances
  • better safety of commodity in intermodal transport

Self development in mutual care


We introduce and invest in new solutions to give out clients more possibilities. Our initiative flows from worldwide changes. The rail an truck combination starts to dominate across the world due to it’s economical values, what is more train shipping became even less time consuming. Nothing unusual, that the New Silk Road „is growing on the map”.


We have already started to concur for the income of the new project in strategic localization. Feel free to get familiar with our new investment MOSTYSKA HUB (Ukraine), and contact us if you wish to participate or plan your future on our capabilities.

Intermodalny Terminal


Join Us in Mostyska Hub


Brand New Terminal is being build in Mostyska in order to fix the traffic, storage and many other obstacles. We plan to full-fill European and Eastern needs on opening the way up to China via rail trading.